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Yogic Healing

Treatment for any
Physical Disease and any Psychological Disorder.

Treatment for Diabetic foot and non-healing ulcers

In treating such patients, Spiritual Healer Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil of the Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre first activates all the chakras in a patient’s body. That part of the leg where the lesion or ulcer is present, is activated with divine energies. Any pain or swelling on the leg is treated with Yog Kriya.
About Yog Kriya: The healing is brought about at the cellular level. The blood vessels supplying blood to the lesion or ulcer of the foot are activated to remove the clogging in them and ensure proper supply of blood to the area. Functioning of the heart is improved which also increases the blood supply to the periphery. Gradually, the ulcer or the diabetic foot starts getting healed.


Treatment for Women’s health problems like: clots in uterus, the fallopian tubes, etc..

Malfunctioning or dormancy in the three lower chakras, i.e. the Root Chakra, the Sacral Plexus Chakra, and the Solar Plexus Chakra leads to dysfunctions of the gynecological system and can result in severe impairment and disease. Mr Patil works with actual yogic energies to activate the chakras, restores their functioning, and realigns them with the body’s equilibrium.
With Yog Kriya, healing is brought about at the cellular level, where metabolism and hormonal action is regulated. Even blockages in the fallopian tubes can be dissolved with the techniques and powers of Yogic healing. For instance, with divine energies that the patients themselves feel, the uterus is totally cleaned up. Thus, Yog Kriya brings the body back to its divine and natural equilibrium.

Treatment for depression, suicidal thoughts or  Schizophrenia, amnesia, hysteria, insomnia

Mr Patil explains that in every human being there is a part of the mind which is never contaminated by any kind of thought. Even in the case of a psychological patient, this part of the mind remains unaffected, inspite of the mental chaos that may otherwise exist. While treating such cases the healer has to activate this part of the patient’s mind so that they regain their confidence and return to normalcy.
The aura and the body vibrations of a person reflect and reveal their mental condition. At Rajyog, while treating psychological patients, Mr.Patil first perceives their aura and vibes and the root cause of the disorder is analysed.
In treatment of psychological disorders, dormant Brow and Crown Chakras are activated by giving direct energy. If the patient’s condition is favourable, they are made to sit for meditation thus causing overall relaxation and enabling them to better control their mind. This boosts their confidence and soon their disorder no longer remains.

Treatment  for Knee-cap problems, Arthritis, jointpain ,spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc..

By using Yogic Healing techniques Mr Patil first activates the Crown and Brow Chakras to normalize their energy flow , then he relaxes the patient’s mind, body and soul using divine energies and by giving them Yog Nidra. Solar Plexus Chakra is also activated to improve its functioning. Using Yogic Healing techniques digestion of the stomach is improved, acid levels are brought to normal and excessive gases are removed from the body.
Then the particularly affected part of the patient’s body is activated by giving divine energies. For example in case of patient suffering from kneecap problems the deteriorated cartilage is activated and its regeneration is stimulated. Blood circulation to the affected body part is also improved. With actual divine energies and techniques of Yogic Healing, patients are relieved from stiffness and pain in the body. When Yogic Healing treatment is coupled with appropriate exercises patients recuperate at a much faster rate.