Healing Process

Yogic Healing is an ancient spiritual skill achieved by the yogis through countless years of meditation and spiritual practice.

Spiritual healer Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil is a well-known tutor in the field of spiritual energy healing. He explains that Yogic Healing works in three stages:

  1. Activation of the chakras
  2. Treatment of the infection
  3. Healing including regeneration of the cells

In the First Stage, divine spiritual energy work in the body of the patient. They run through the entire body, activating it. Chakras - the energy centers of the body, are activated with these energies. Balancing and activating the chakras restores the natural healthy equilibrium of the body.

In the Second Stage, the infection or malfunction is treated from its roots. The immune system of the body is boosted. Body’s normal functioning is restored and any abnormality in the biological processes is corrected, all by divine spiritual energies. It is a completely natural process of healing.

In the Third Stage, cells are newly generated and the damage caused by the infection or abnormality is treated. This final stage of healing oversees the complete renewal of the body's infected systems.

At Rajyog, we believe that to heal a person is not only to treat their disease / disorder but also to relax their mind and their mental pressures. It aids in complete rejuvenation of the body post-treatment and by God's grace we perform it through spiritual energies.