Yogic healing is an ancient Indian science. Thousands of years ago, the yogis of India used to treat ailing persons with Yogic Healing. The yogis through deep and esoteric meditation and spiritual practices, attained yog siddhis. They healed patients with their spiritual energies.

Every person has seven different 'chakras' in different places in the body. Chakras can be regarded as the energy centers in the body that regulate our metabolism and bodily functioning. In other words, they are the control centers of the body. Dormancy in any of the 7 chakras can lead to the malfunctioning of the body part which is associated with that chakra. This, in turn, causes diseases in that part of the body. Let's understand this better with an example. If a person’s heart chakra turns dormant, he / she would probably fall prey to the diseases of the heart. Optimum health of the body, mind and soul is maintained when there is equilibrium amongst the chakras. This equilibrium is a result of activation of the chakras.

Yogic healing activates and cleans the seven chakras through divine spiritual energies.