Individual Healing

Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre started off in 2001 with personal healing. Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil has treated thousands of patients with one-on-one sittings and personalized healing.

We know that every human body is different and unique. To treat a body is to know its own unique problems, lifestyle, physical and mental pressures and provide specific healing. At Rajyog, Mr. Patil heals through divine spiritual energies and these energies, though the same, work differently in every person, acting in nature and measure of the person’s condition.

Personal healing is done in sittings of 15 minutes each. There are two types of sittings: Normal sitting and Special sitting.

Normal sitting includes healing through spiritually-induced meditation. Special sitting is more specific. Mr. Patil heals by placing his hands on the affected region.

The action and purpose of Normal and Special sittings are different and both work in conjunction with each other. Hence, every patient requires both the types of treatment.

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