• Nirav Shah

    Mr Nirav Shah experienced severe back pain and could not walk more than 10 yards on his own. He consulted nearly 18 doctors worldwide and was finally diagnosed with Hypo-Pituitarism in London. He was advised to take steroids as Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    Consumption of steroids caused him a lot of side effects like weight gain, aching bones, acidity, mood swings, low BP at times and

  • Purushottam Mishra

    Mr Purushottam Mishra had blockages in the coronary artery, due to excessive cholesterol. Cardiologists suggested that he should undergo a bypass surgery. Mr Mishra’s case was so intense that when he first came to Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre, he was sweating profusely and hardly managed to walk because of the heaviness in his heart.

    Master Spiritual Healer Mr Chandrashekhar

  • Nayan Bagaria

    Mr Nayan Bagaria suffered from psychological disorder. He used to frequently lose temper, get frustrated and experience mood swings. Slowly, he became an insomniac. 

    The psychological stress he went through made him feel restless all the time. He could not concentrate on any task at hand. He lost interest in everything.  
    At Rajyog Spiritu

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