Learner's Workshops

If you wish to learn Yogic healing, to heal yourself, your family or friends, we teach the art and science of Yogic healing in our Learner's Workshops. The Learners' Workshops are organized at different levels starting from the Entry into Yogic Healing, then the Advance course, Masters course and so on.

The Learner's Workshops are unique and include the study and practice of spiritual energies from the very first level. These courses are offered by no other organization or individual in the world.

1. Entry into Yogic Healing

This course awakens the dormant spiritual powers in you. It is meant to create a foundation for your further spiritual growth. You will be attuned with divine spiritual energies and you will experience them in your own hands! You will discover that with these energies you can heal yourself from any pains, illnesses or even severe diseases (though you need more mastery for that). Managing stress and relaxing the mind is another unique aspect of divine energies.

The course has been designed for beginners to explore spiritual healing, learn and practice it for their own benefit and start a journey towards spiritual development.

Some Highlights of the Course:

  • Visualization of Aura
  • First attunement of Yogic energies
  • Cleaning of negativity from the mind and harmful toxins from the body
  • Meditation
  • Activation along with cleaning of the Chakras
  • Practice of Yogic healing
  • Experiencing the first phase of Divya Yog Kriya
2. Yogic Healing Advance Course

After you have learnt the basic form of spiritual healing in the previous course, you are ready to learn more and diverse spiritual skills. In this course, we teach and practice the first phase of Yog Kriya and Yog Nidra- they help in deep relaxation and healing. You will experience advanced techniques and much higher energies. You will develop a reasonable command of the divine energies which will help you all throughout your life.

Some highlights of the course:

  • Learn the First phase of Yog Kriya and Yog Nidra
  • Increase in energies by second attunement
  • Further stimulation and activation of the Chakras
  • Practice of Yogic healing using divine symbols
  • Experience Second Phase of Divya Yog Kriya
  • Experience first phase of Siddh Yog
  • Learn to heal other persons

3. Yogic Healing Masters Course

At the Masters course, you will be attuned with greater divine energies. Mr. Patil will activate your ‘Brahmarandra’ which creates and maintains a continuous flow of divine energy in the body. You will experience divine energies 24/7, no matter where you are. This course paves the way for total spiritual upliftment and transformation.

Some highlights of the course:

  • Analysis of colours in the aura
  • Second phase of Yog Nidra
  • Second phase of Yog Kriya
  • Activation of Brahmarandra
  • Absent healing
  • Attuning others with Yogic energies
  • Second phase of Siddh Yog

If you wish to enroll for the courses contact us now!