Mind Empowerment Workshops

Why is the mind so special? It is indeed special because it is your “workplace” in the office of Life. You will work your life in your mind. It means that your mind decides a huge portion of your life - your achievements, relationships, finances, etc. This leads to a grave fear. Do we have any control over what our mind does to us? Are we the victims of our mind? The answer to both questions depends on your thinking. Also, you are the creator, the witness and the victim of your thinking. So, in reality, the power of the mind is immense.

So are we really able to use our mind power to the fullest? Many a time students in spite of studying the whole year are not able to perform in the exams because of excessive mental pressure and lack of self-confidence. Similarly executives working in big organizations, succumb to the pressure of competition, achieving their targets, lack of leadership skills and creativity.

The science of Yogic healing can help an individual tap the potentials of their mind as it works with the chakras energy centers in the body. The top two chakras ie crown chakra and the brow chakra in a human being are associated with divine wisdom and understanding, idealism, inspiration, insight, imagination, concentration, peace of mind, wisdom and intelligence.

When energy flow to these chakras is obstructed it causes blockages in them which beyond a certain point make them dormant. Dormancy in chakras takes a mental and physical toll on a person. It results in uncontrolled thoughts, negativity, fear, lack of confidence and excessive mental pressure, lack of inspiration and concentration, confusion, depression, alienation, cynicism, tension, headaches, eye problems, etc. We very well know that fear can be paralytic; anxiety can be mind-numbing. A scared, unconfident mind can devastate one’s life and call upon sorrow like no other calamity. The failure of one’s mind to perform is failure of oneself at life.

With the science of Yogic healing, Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil activates all the chakras and cleans them with divine energies with the primary focus being on the crown and brow chakra to remove their blockages in a manner that will strengthen your mind, reinforce your positivity, blast every fear, and help you break through your limiting beliefs! This will be done to stimulate your natural creativity and encourage higher productivity. Yog Kriya and Yog Nidra techniques of Yogic Healing are also used to relax a person’s mind, body and soul.

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