Case of Hypo-Pitutarism
Nirav Shah

Mr Nirav Shah experienced severe back pain and could not walk more than 10 yards on his own. He consulted nearly 18 doctors worldwide and was finally diagnosed with Hypo-Pituitarism in London. He was advised to take steroids as Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Consumption of steroids caused him a lot of side effects like weight gain, aching bones, acidity, mood swings, low BP at times and in addition to this, his ageing process accelerated.
Master Spiritual Healer Mr Chandrashekhar Patil from Rajyog  Spiritiual Healing Centre noticed that two of his Chakras had turned dormant (the Crown and the Brow Chakra). 
Due to this dormancy in Chakras, the secretion of ACTH and Cortisol hormones (hormones necessary for proper functioning) had reduced drastically, thereby adversely affecting his body. The side effects of steroids further deteriorated his condition. 
Using the impeccable technique of Spiritual Healing, Mr Patil activated his chakras and brought about the regeneration of dead brain cells (which were involved in secretion of those hormones), as a result of which the levels of ACTH and Cortisol returned to normal.
After merely 4 months of treatment at Rajyog, Mr Shah has got rid of his problem. He has completely stopped taking steroids and is enjoying a better, more relaxed life. Mr Shah in his own words: “ I remain in debt to Mr Patil forever and am extremely grateful to him”.