Case of Heart Problem
Purushottam Mishra

Mr Purushottam Mishra had blockages in the coronary artery, due to excessive cholesterol. Cardiologists suggested that he should undergo a bypass surgery. Mr Mishra’s case was so intense that when he first came to Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre, he was sweating profusely and hardly managed to walk because of the heaviness in his heart.

Master Spiritual Healer Mr Chandrashekhar Patil pointed out that this happened due to dormancy in the Heart Chakra. This dormancy affected the entire functioning of the heart. The blockage was just a manifestation of this dormancy. Mr Patil activated his seven chakras and performed Yog Kriya on the affected areas.
In only a month , after a few sittings  there was a dramatic improvement in his condition.The blockages dissolved and he began feeling fitter and healthier .
Today ,Mr Mishra is absolutely fine. At his native place, he lifted a 100 kg gunny bag of wheat on his left shoulder  and stacked it in the store house without any pain or pressure.