Case of Psychological Disorder
Nayan Bagaria

Mr Nayan Bagaria suffered from psychological disorder. He used to frequently lose temper, get frustrated and experience mood swings. Slowly, he became an insomniac. 

The psychological stress he went through made him feel restless all the time. He could not concentrate on any task at hand. He lost interest in everything.  
At Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre, calming and relaxing Spiritual energies  soothed his mind. Mr Patil activated all his chakras. He began to feel calmer, cooler and more collected. 
The power of Yog Kriya relaxed his mind and soul. He experienced peace in its true form. Slowly, he gained a better control of himself and could focus on his life.
Today, Mr Bagaria is a very optimistic person. He escaped his depressed past and is looking positively towards the future. He is also doing significantly well in his career, as he got a promotion.